Repetitive Screen Flicker

I just purchased and installed the USB3-HDMI-DVI to my Sager 9170 notebook and on restart after installing the DisplayLink drivers my dual screens (I’m aiming for tri-screens) flicker on/off repetitively until I disconnect the device. I’ve worked with each of my USB3 ports and have done the install using both Windows Update and the direct download on your site.

Windows 7 x64, fully updated through 12/20/12
Intel HD 4000 Graphics w/ nVidia GeForce 675MX
27" DVI monitor through “main” DVI-in on notebook
22" DVI monitor through “main” HDMI-in on notebook

3rd monitor is 22" HDMI which I’m trying to use with the device, and it never displays a signal, just the flicker loop as described above. The flickers occur about ever 2 seconds, infinitely, and the mouse cursor resets to the center of the screen each time.

Update: the install of the DisplayLink drivers causes DirectX errors when loading games.

Hi Brent,

Thanks for the additional details. To troubleshoot, we’ll need to see the DisplayLink Support Tool log files. Here’s a link to instruction on how to run the support tool. Once you’ve generated the .zip file containing the log files send it over to us at along with your Amazon Order Id and we’ll figure out the best next steps to get you up and running.…

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

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