Remove trojan from HD while in the U3 docking station?

I bought the U3 docking station primarily to salvage data from a HD from a previuos PC which I thought had a bad motherboard. When I started up the U3 with the HD inserted, Windows Security Essentials immediately reported finding a Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A and removed it from my laptop. My question is, can I remove this trojan from the HD, with Windows Security Essentials, while it is in the U3 docking station?

Hi Frank,

Yes, no problem. The docking station itself has no storage – it mearly reads and writes from the hard drive that is docked in it.

So it cannot cause any new problems.

And writes to the hard drive are done immediately. So when your drive has a file on it that your Antivirus software flags and fixes, those writes to the drive are done just like any other drive attached to your system (internal or external). The hard drive will reflect the updates right away.

So at this point, if your antivirus software has cleaned up any problems, you should be good to go (until the next new infection – which hopefully won’t ever happen :slight_smile: ).

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for posting – virus stuff is disconcerting, so it’s smart to double-check how everything works.

Best wishes,