Remoting a USB scanner over Ethernet

I purchased a Canon LIDE 210 scanner and am trying to find a way to [locate it on a table remote from my PC] connect it over Ethernet. I purchased a Plugable USB to Ethernet adapter, but quickly learned that this product couldn’t solve this application as the adapter has a male USB cable, not a female to accept the male USB cable from the scanner. Note: The scanner communicates with and is powered via a miniUSB to USB cable that connects to the PC. Does anyone know a solution for this application? Thank you.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting your question here! If the distance between the Canon LIDE 210 scanner and the PC is less than 10 meters then here is a setup that I would suggest-:

Connect an Active Extension Cable like the Plugable USB2-10M 10 Meter Active Extension Cable to the PC. Plug in a powered hub like the Plugable USB2-HUB4BC 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub to the Plugable USB2-10M 10 Meter Active Extension Cable and connect the Canon LIDE 210 scanner to the powered hub.

The Canon LIDE 210 scanner is an input device and needs to be connected to an upstream computer host through USB in order to be able to function properly. Also the powered hub is required to be connected between the Active Extension Cable and the Canon LIDE 210 scanner, because the scanner is a high powered device which requires 500 mA of power that the Active Extension Cable will not be able to provide.

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Hi Roze,

Thank you for your prompt response! I discovered the active extension cable last evening on your website when I posted the problem. It seems like a viable one and I recently purchased a Plugable USB 2.0 10 port Hub that I presume it could work with (I have tried connecting the scanner to the Plugable hub and it works!). However, this solution is not ideal as I would need to lay the cable on the floor between my desk and the table (credenza) and I have been working at removing cables (i.e. everything is connected either via Ethernet or wirelessly). Do you know of an Ethernet-based or wireless solution?