I am still having problems with two applications using the display link adapter. The first application is Flare. When I open an additional topic or setup page a tab should appear, but it does not. When I move the screen to my laptop’s monitor the tab appears. If i then move it from the monitor back to the screen using Display Link the tab shows.

When I open the program it should display the last state (complete with tabs left open) On the display link monitor it does not show the tabs only the last topic I opened for editing.

I turned Aero on as you suggested, but it does not seem to help.



One other thing. Mozilla Firefox will not work correctly on the display link adapter screens.

They are ASUS VH192 monitors connected as VGA via your 10 Port USB hub to my laptop

Hi Sandor,

Thanks for posting your question here about our USB 2.0 VGA adapter not refreshing in Firefox and Flare. Usually if the aero troubleshooter passes, USB graphics will work, since that’s not happening in this case, we’ll need more information to troubleshoot further. Please run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the resulting .zip file to us at

As a work around, it may be helpful to disable some of the graphics options the applications are using in Firefox, this is done through Hardware Acceleration it’s found in tools, options, advanced; uncheck the box for Hardware Acceleration and restart Firefox.

Can you give me some more detail about the application Flare that you are using? Google has a number of different possibilities and I want to make sure I’m looking at the correct one. If the Firefox option helps, check for a similar setting in Flare.

Let me know if this helps, and we’ll look forward to your log files!
Happy New Year,

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