re-install driver for blue tooth usb adapter in windows 10

Connection between headset and dongle did not work

Windows 10 PC says that drivers are up to date but no connection

Unistalled drivers; but re-install from DVD not possible

What to do?

Hello Detlef,

Thank you for your message. I am very sorry to hear that there are problems getting the Plugable Bluetooth adapter working well with your headset.

For Windows 10 drivers:

In some cases, you need to run Windows Update first in order for the driver to install (Note: not the ‘update driver’ function in Device Manager). To do this, go to Start > Settings (cog-shaped icon) > Update & security > Windows Update, and check for updates. If the driver is found and installed, be sure to restart the computer after the installation.

If this does not help, please tell me what manufacturer and model of Bluetooth headset you are hoping to use.