#rd monitor on USBC-4k not picked up

I have a Elite book and a surface pro laptop both have tried to hook up 3monitors to USBC-4k. i have one port for HDMI and 2 DP ports . the dp ports work fine but the HDMI port does not pick up the 3 rd monitor no matter what . Can some one help with this ?


Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry this is not working as expected and I am happy to help!

The UD-ULTC4K USB-C Triple 4K Docking Station relies on two graphics technologies to support the external displays.

The HDMI output is controlled via USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode technology (Alt-Mode for short) this is an optional USB-C port feature that requires the system manufacturer to connect the computer’s graphics controller directly to the USB-C port, it also requires connecting the docking station directly to the host computer with the original USB-C cable provided with the docking station. USB-C cables from other devices, or sold separately online as “charging” cables may not support either Alt-Mode video or USB 3 data.

The two DisplayPort outputs are controlled by the DisplayLink software and drivers on the computer.

I recommend we start by getting some additional details from these two computer to help determine if they support USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode:

For each of these computers:

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for “msinfo32” and launch the first search result
  2. Please let me know the values from the following entries ( on the right column ):
    2a) “System Model”
    2b) “System SKU”
  3. Please feel free to attach a screenshot of this window to your reply email if you prefer by using the Windows Snipping Tool ( from the Start Menu search for “Snipping” ) and I can get the details from there

Additionally, please double-check to ensure the docking station is connected directly to the computer using the original USB-C cable provided with the docking station, this is a black USB-C cable about 3ft long.

Thank you, I look forward to your reply and we can proceed from here.

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