Razer Blade 2016 dock ports intermittently not working

Hi - I couldn’t comment on this issue (http://support.plugable.com/plugable/…) but I have exactly the same issue, I also flashed my BIOS.

Did anyone make any progress with this? I will contact the original poster if possible and check the Razer website.


I’ve also posted here


Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear of the issue after the BIOS update!

Unfortunately no new information to report from our side, as Razor has continued to be unresponsive to our attempts to engage. So thanks for raising the issue with them directly!

If the issue isn’t solvable, we’re happy to help with a return of the dock for a refund.


I appreciate that, thanks Gary. I’ll probably keep hold of it as I’m running two additional displays

Hi Guys. It’s been some months now without the issue being resolved. I’ve been plugging everything in directly to the laptop and only running one monitor on the dock. Everything works fine that way, but it’s quite irritating. Given that, I actually went to the length of going through Razer support and receiving a new replacement laptop from them. Issue is still there. The only thing I can think of at this point is that there is either something fundamentally wrong with how Razer designs their ThunderBolt 3/USB-C ports OR I have a faulty dock. Do you guys have any other option which would allow me to have one monitor be 4k/60Hz so I can game? If so I’d like to switch to a different product. If not, I would just like to try a replacement and see if that fixes it. After that, I’m giving up…

Hi Jordan,

Sorry to hear of the continued frustration! Very unfortunate that Razer won’t engage nor provide the older BIOS version for a backflash as a workaround.

Unfortunately at this stage of USB-C/TBT3, there are still various model-specific compatibility issues to contend with, and each system OEM handles this scenario differently. Again, we’re happy to provide test devices to system OEMs for debugging if they’re interested.

Since both you and Andy are contending with the same issue occurring as a result of a newer BIOS, there unfortunately isn’t any reason to expect different behavior with a replacement dock. But just as we offered to Andy, we’re happy to issue a refund and assist with a return of the unit. If that’s of interest, please just email support@plugable.com and we’ll be glad to provide next steps.

For 4K/60 gaming, some customers remove the dock from the setup and simply use one of our USB-C to HDMI or USB-C to DisplayPort cables: