Raspberry Pi 3B+ support

The latest RP 3 has a Bluetooth chip, but there have been problems getting it to work (see web discussions). The suggestion is to buy an external adapter so I bought yours. There are no Raspbiandrivers on the dvd. I am using the Jesse OS.
Does it have the correct driver and do I need to uninstall some Jesse Bluetooth software? Thanks for your help.


Thank you for posting about this. Assuming you have a fairly late version of Jessie, Raspbian has the necessary drivers for the adapter built in. However, the Pi will try to use the built-in adapter unless you disable it, which can be a chore.

Could you please contact us directly at support@plugable.com and mention my name? I’ll need to get more information about your setup in order to figure out what exactly is going wrong.


Plugable Support


I am also having the same problem with Ubuntu 16.04 where I have turned off the internal adapter. I did that by using the following commands:

sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/81-bluetooth-hci.rules

And adding the line


I know the internal adapter is off because I cannot connect after it is off. When I add your Bluetooth adapter, my Insignia headphones connect, but there is no sound in my headphones.I have sent a message to support about it.
As you know Ubuntu is also Debian based and I switched to it because I have a larger keyboard on that computer (Zotac i3).