Random USB mouse and keyboard Disconnects

I’ve been using the plugable usb type-c triple display dock for a while now and I’ve had no issues. Until recently, everything was perfect. I installed a BIOS update for my Razer Blade (Late 2016) that was supposed to fix a minor fan buzzing noise and when I hooked the dock back up I started to encounter this issue.

Under normal usage, the mouse(Razer Naga Hex) and Keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Tournement edition) will disconect for 5-6 seconds then reconnect. As you might assume this is extremely irritating. I’ve uninstalled the displaylink drivers using the cleaner tool and all drivers and software for the mouse and keyboard… No Luck. I have also grabbed the plugdebug logs if you need those. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

Hello Jordan,

Thanks for contacting us. I’d be happy to help.

There have been similar issues reported on Dell, HP, ASUS, and other Intel Thunderbolt 3 equipped systems. Dell released a patch (that is not specific to Dell systems) that has helped many of our customers with problems like this.

I’d recommend giving it a try and see what happens:


I have the same exact issue on my OriginPC laptop. I only installed yesterday with the latest drivers from your site. I did however plug it in before I installed the drivers. Not sure if that makes a difference.

What I will do is try to remove the device (if it shows in Device Manager) and allow it to reinstall.

Windows 10 btw.

I have the exact same issue with my OriginPC laptop. I just installed yesterday with the latest drivers from Plugable. I did connect the unit before installing the drivers, however.

I will try removing the unit from Device Manager if it’s possible and allow Windows to rediscover and install it. Hopefully that may help.

Window10 btw.


I tried the Dell link. No bueno. After trying a lot of googling and fully resetting windows, the issue is still there. As of right now I’ve had to plug all my peripherals into the laptop. This is a huge pain. I really need a solution.

Hi Jordan and Frank,

Josh is out at a Thunderbolt conference this week, but I’d like to jump in here and try to help.

@Jordan, sorry to hear the patch didn’t help. Sounds like an unfortunate regression in the BIOS update regarding hub compatibility. Is back-flashing to the previous version an option?

Also, can you let us know if all USB peripherals are dropping off when connected through the dock, or just the Razer gear?

What about the displays connected through the dock; which ports are being used, and do the attached displays remain stable?

@Frank, essentially same questions as above:

Are you experiencing only mouse and keyboard instability, or other USB devices not working as expected also? Razer Keyboard/Mouse, or another brand?

What about the displays connected through the dock; which graphics ports are being used (“4K” and “2K” HDMI?, DVI?) , and do the attached displays remain stable?

Back-flashing is not an option. They have no way to download the older BIOS versions. The issue does occur with other USB devices. I’ve tested with a wireless headset from Corsair and a drawing tablet. I can have one USB device connected through the dock but the instant I connect two they both start disconnecting randomly. I’m using all three display ports, but the displays do remain connected. The only thing I have noticed is that on the main 4k graphics tunnel port I do get a bit of stuttering when playing a game when the USB devices start acting up.

Just keyboard / mouse issues - that’s all. It is a wireless combo with a single receiver.

@Jordan – appreciate the additional details. Unfortunate that the older BIOS isn’t available. Perhaps they can supply it if you contact their support team directly?

Since this isn’t an issue we’re seeing on other hosts (discounting similar, yet different understood behavior on some Dells, which can be patched in the OS), it seems the only viable path forward (beyond a simple band aid like a back-flash) is getting the attention of the right people at Razer and having them investigate.

As a customer of theirs, you may have better luck than we’ve had on this front. We’ve reached out to them numerous times to attempt to provide them with our hardware for compatibility testing, but we’ve never received a reply.

From our side, we can certainly help with a return of the dock for a refund if you’d like to go that route. Certainly not ideal, but might end up being the best of several sub-optimal options.

@Frank, I think the culprit on your system is different. The wireless kb/mouse receiver uses the 2.4GHz frequency band, which is the same as USB 3.0 signaling uses.

Using a USB 2.0 extension cable between the receiver and dock can usually help minimize interference issues. Some receivers come with an extension cable for just this reason. If you don’t have one, please email support@plugable.com (attn: gary) and I’ll make arrangements to get one sent to you.