Random disconnect

I know there is another thread on this, but I’m pretty sure mine is because of hardware problem.

I have two USB3-SATA-UASP1

One connects fine, one disconnects randomly. It’s not consistent, would disconnects after maybe 10 minutes or 30 minutes, even when it was under heavy activity. The both connect to same PC, and power on same power strip.

I’ve swapped the “bad” one with the “good” one’s power and USB connections. So now the “bad” is using the “good” one’s USB cable, port on PC, and DC adapter. The “bad” one still disconnects randomly. While the “good” one continues to be fine. I’ve also tried with a hard drive that works on the “good” one so I know the hard drive isn’t the cause either.

When it disconnects, the drive clicks for a second, as if it lost power. Maybe the dc power connector isn’t soldered on well inside? … or maybe it’s a response to disconnect. chicken and egg I know.

I’ve updated firmware. Does not fix.

Please help!

Plugable support reached out to me. Excellent support.

Tried removing some 3rd party 3.0 USB drivers (from Asus) and a USB charge program (also from Asus). Used Windows 8 native USB 3.0 drivers.

Drive no longer disconnects randomly.

Saw a drop in transfer speed though. MY GUESS: Asus drivers were “overclocking” the USB 3.0 ports, which caused the different results between my two docks.

The strange thing is, I haven’t updated both Asus and Plugable drivers since my original update after purchase. Plus, there’s no new drivers from Asus and Plugable since that time. Wonder why one was having problems all of a sudden.

Anyway, it’s good now, but only time will tell if this lasts.

Motherboard: ASUS X79-DELUXE
Removed: Ai Charger (sp?) and Asus USB 3.0 drivers