R-Phonak Hearing Aids

I have a set of R-Phonak hearing aids that also can act as a headset & headset with microphone. I running windows 10 on an HP with an AMD quad core processor and 16 megs of ram. No USB 3 ports; all USB 2’s.

My problem is that audio keeps breaking up and is scratchy. It may sound great for a little while (minutes not hours or days) and then it starts back up again. I have tried everything including disabling the secondary driver for the headset with the microphone. I have tried the USB cable fix and that did not work.

A little help please. I ordered through Amazon, Order 112-8201932-3117030


I’m sorry to hear about the audio quality issues you’ve been experiencing with the Plugable Bluetooth adapter. We’d like to help!

Could you please contact us via email at support@plugable.com and reference your Amazon Order ID in the message?

Also, please run our diagnostic program PlugDebug, and attach the file it generates with your message.

Thank you for your patience until we can assist further.

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