Questions on how to transfer all files from XP and Vista to Windows 7

This is the first time I’ve done this.

I will be doing the following:

  1. Installing MS Office 2007, Quick Books 2013 Pro, and CorelDraw X3 on the 2 Windows 7 computers.

  2. Transferring the files from an XP computer and a Vista Computer to the two Windows 7 computers.

QUESTION: When in the process do I download the Bravura software (or Windows Easy Transfer) to the various PC’s? Both “from” machines are 32bit. The “to” machines are Windows 7 64 bit. I think I must use Bravura for the transfer form the XP, but should I use Bravura or Windows Easy Transfer for the Vista machine?

Thank you

Hi Richard,

I’ll be glad to clarify.

I would start with the Windows Easy Transfer software on all of the systems. The updated “WET” client software/drivers can be downloaded here for both XP and Vista:…

After WET is installed, you can start the transfer at your convenience - it doesn’t need to happen right away upon installation. Usually, if you unplug and replug the Transfer cable in after the software is installed, it will launch the WET program automatically.

Since your new systems are Windows 7, there shouldn’t be a need for the Bravura software. (It’s generally only necessary when a Windows 8.1 system is involved, or if something isn’t working with Windows Easy Transfer for some reason.)