Questions about Displayport and Eyefinity

My goal is to setup 4 VGA LCDs to be used for single eyefinity display. I currently have 2 VGA to USB 3.0 adapters which I’m connecting to a USB 3.0 Hub. I’m still not sure how to hook up the other 2 LCDs. I do not have a displayport connection on my PCs or my laptop both of which I would like to connect to the monitors. Would it work for me to connect 1 of the 4 LCDs to a VGA to displayport active adaptor and then plug that adapter into a displayport to USB adapter and plug that into my hub? Would that work? I see you guys have a nice DP to USB adapter. I was going to buy that but I wanted to make sure this would work for the setup I was intending to use.

Hi Mike, thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this will likely not work with our USB to DP adapter. Eyefinity configurations must be set up on displays that are directly connected to the AMD graphics processor video port, and cannot be achieved using USB graphics adapters.

I am sorry that we couldn’t be of more help!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies