Question about hot plug detect


I would like to purchase the Plugable DisplayPort to HDMI Active Adapter to connect my pc to a 4k 60 hz monitor with a hdmi 2.0 port.

This is because now I am using a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable and have a very annoying problem, that is:

Every time I turn off the monitor (without unplugging the cable) or when the pc puts the monitor to sleep (based on the power plan) the monitor is removed from windows (like if I unplugged the cable) and a default (that was previously hidden) non pnp monitor with a very low resolution became the active one, causing a resizing and moving of all opened windows.

My question is if I can solve the problem using the active adapter, in other words does the active adapter avoid bringing the “hot plug detect” pin to low causing the monitor to be removed from Windows?


Thanks for asking, unfortunately the active adapter does not keep the connection active, but rather it actively converts from DisplayPort to HDMI. That is it converts the native DisplayPort signal to a native HDMI signal. If the display goes to sleep or is turned off then the system will still recognized the display is disconnected and, just like with the DisplayPort cable, the windows will be rearranged on to the primary display.

I am sorry we do not have a solution to keep the display active inside of Windows when it has been turned off or set to a low power state.



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