Question about front ports on 10 port usb hub

10 port hub, using usb power only. Testing a usb thumb drive. All ports on back work fine, 2 pop ups work fine, 2 port on left front are fine. The four on the right front state there is not enough power to run the one thumb drive. Is this normal? Using the A/C adapter, the 4 ports on the right front work fine.

Hi Travis,

Thanks for posting! If our 10 port hub (…) is directly connected to your computer, then the problem you’re seeing definitely isn’t normal, so we need to get you fixed up. Please email your Amazon order number to and we’ll get an exchange going. Sorry for the trouble!

Just as background, the fact that it’s only the front right 4 ports has a reason: the 10 port hub consists 7 port controller, and a 4 port controller cascaded off that. On our hub, it’s those front right 4 ports that are off the 4 port controller.

USB 2.0 has a limit of 5 deep on hubs/devices, so because of the 2-deep topology of the hub, you could get the symptoms you describe if you attach the 10 port hub with 3 other hubs or active extension cables between it and the PC.

Assuming it’s not a problem of depth, if there’s a particular problem with just those 4 ports (and the other 6 are fine), that points to to something going wrong with the 4 port controller, the power it can draw, or the connection to it - in other words, probably a bad unit, which we’ll work to replace quickly.

Hope that helps. Thanks for getting your order number to us, and thanks for your patience!

I’ve tried it with just the usb cord supplied with the 10 port hub connected to a front usb on my dell desktop pc and on one of the back ones. Same symptoms on both with just the usb cable supplied (no extension). Thanks so much for the quick reply; I’ll send an email as stated above in your reply.