Quartz graphics

hi all,
I am looking for a usb-dvi solution to supports Quartz on a mac. Can you suggest a product?

Hi Iyon,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, today of the USB graphics technology suppliers (DisplayLink, MCT, SMSC), only DisplayLink supports Mac at all.

And DisplayLink’s Mac drivers don’t have any CPU-emulated 3D support beyond what the OS provides. That means they can support Quartz, but not Quartz Extreme or QuartzGL (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz_C… for the differences between these different Mac OS rendering models).

DisplayLink words the limitation as “No 3D (OpenGL) acceleration - some features of Mac OS X applications that require hardware OpenGL acceleration, such as Keynote presentations and iPhoto slideshows, will not function properly” on the USB-attached screen.

So today USB graphics on Mac is good for gaining extra monitors for web browsing and document editing, but with some of the limitations above for the in-box Apple applications (which tend to be aggressive about using the newer rendering models). And you’ll definitely want to play 3D or motion video on your main (not USB-attached) monitors.

Sorry there isn’t a happier answer. Hope the information helps.

Thanks again!