purchased a usb 2.0 ethernet adapter for my touch mate But can't found the driver.

Hi, I purchased a usb 2.0 ethernet adapter for my touchmate MID790G (android) But can’t found the driver.Please help me.


Thank you for posting your question about our USB 2.0 adapter.

You didn’t mention with of our USB 2.0 devices you have, but I’m assuming it is the USB2-E100 USB-Ethernet adapter, which is the one most commonly used for Android devices.

Android has included drivers for this adapter since version 4.0, however it is up to the maker of each Android device whether or not to enable this support when they make the device. If they haven’t done so, it is extremely difficult to enable it later on, requiring Android developer level skills, a rooted device, and the possibility of bricking the device. For this reason, we can’t help in a case where the maker has decided not to include this support.

The Touchmate MID790G does not seem to be available in the US where we are based, and so we have not had a chance to test it. If you have attached the Plugable adapter to your tablet, and it is not working, it is likely either a network issue, or the tablet does not support the adapter.

If you have a Windows or Mac computer you could plug our device into, you can use that to test both the network and the device at the same time. If it works, then your tablet probably does not support our adapter. If it does not work with the Windows or Mac computer, then let me know, and we can do some troubleshooting to determine if it is the network or the adapter that is at fault.

If it turns our your tablet does not support our adapter, and you are still within your 30-day Amazon return period, I encourage you to return it for a refund, since it won’t do what you had hoped.

Regardless, please let me know what happens.

Thank you,

Plugable Support