pUD-3900PDH USB 3.0 ports not supplying power (goes off after 1 sec)


The USB 3.0 ports in front or on the back don’t supply “enough” power for a USB led light. It turns on… an then it goes off. The same happens when I try to charge a USB battery, or anything that is not super low amps

Hi there!

USB 3.0 can provide up to 4.5W (5V at 900mA) so if your LED lights or other USB devices are not rated for USB 3.0 then unexpected behaviors could occur.

Could you tell me the make and model of your LED lights and USB battery?

I would be happy to review their specifications to help determine what may be occurring here.


Michael S.

the led light is this one: https://www.amazon.com/Brightness-NexiGo-Ringlight-Streaming-Conference/dp/B08FZPB84F/ref=sr_1_2?crid=265ST2JPLP5P2&keywords=B08FZPB84F&qid=1680054780&sprefix=b08fzpb84f%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-2
I read it’s for a typical 5v USB connection

This is the battery: https://www.amazon.com/Belkin-BoostCharge-Power-Integrated-Lightning/dp/B0BVL94RJ5/ref=sr_1_3?crid=11BXFMCGZISLY&keywords=usb+c+lightning+battery&qid=1680054917&sprefix=usb+c+lighting+battery%2Caps%2C206&sr=8-3

Hello Pab,

Thank you for providing the links to your LED lights and battery. That is appreciated.

Looking over the specifications for the LED lights, the description in the Amazon listing states, "Works with most devices that support USB(5V), so I assume this LED light should be receiving power when connected to one of the USB 3.0 ports on your UD-3900PDH.

Looking up the specifications for your Battery Pack, it shows that the unit requires a USB-C port to charge the pack. The specs show that it comes with an 18W USB-C input/output charging port, seen here: https://www.belkin.com/10k-usb-c-power-bank-with-integrated-cables/P-BPB006.html

Given this specification, we cannot confirm that the Belkin 10k USB-C power bank will be compatible with the USB-A ports on the dock.

That said, I would be interested to learn if you were to use the USB 3.0 (BC 1.2) port on the dock (shown in the image below with a lightning image next to USB 5Gbps), are you able to get your LED lights to illuminate? And, are you able to charge your Battery Pack?

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Michael S.
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Let me do the test and I’ll let you know. I had not seen the little energy bolt next to the port! I’ll look for this bolt in the back ports too! (Suggestion: power all the ports… not really that expensive, and would be willing to pay for the cost difference)

It Didn’t work… My plugabable dock does not have the little bolt on any usb port

Hello Pab,

Thank you for confirming. Since the Belkin Battery Pack requires a USB-C port to charge the pack, this would be unsupported by any USB-A ports on the dock.

Regarding the LED lights, since the manufacturer states, “Works with most devices that support USB(5V),” we would suspect that this product would work with any of the USB 3.0 ports, but since we have not tested this specific product, we would be unable to guarantee support. The behavior you described where the LED light turns on, then turns off tells us that it is drawing more power than the USB port can provide. I was able to take one of my own personal halo LED lights and test this with one of our UD-3900PDH units and confirmed the same behavior.

That said, I have a UD-3900PDH unit with the bolt symbol next to the port that provides BC 1.2, and I could use the LED halo light without any issues.

Looking over the image you provided, I can confirm that symbol is also missing from your dock.

When you have a moment, could you please reach out to us directly? I would like to gather a bit more information, but rather than posting that information here, could you please contact us directly via email? To do this, please email us at support@plugable.com. In the subject of your direct email, please reference case 402828, which will allow us to match things up and then provide the next steps.

Best regards,

Michael S.

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