PS4 DS Controller will not stay connected

I specifically bought this Bluetooth to run my PS4 DS controller. When I run the add device it pairs and shows that it connected successfully and I see it in my Device and printers. But then about not more than a minute later it disconnects and disappears. So I try it again and it acts like it was the first time I have connected it and it does it again. I made sure that all 3rd party Bluetooth was uninstalled and I rebooted. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Please help or I have to go back to my XBOX controller. I would much rather play with the PS4 controller. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for contacting us about your Bluetooth adapter.

PS4 DS controller disconnections seem to be common. We don’t have any PS4 controllers to test with, but there are a lot of possible solutions offered on the internet. Here is one that looks promising:…

Please let me know if this helps.


Thank you for your quick reply but this did not work. It would never show up in the controller property to let me hurry up and test it by moving buttons. Any other idea? Thank you.

Hi Patrick,

Since that didn’t work, I would like to take a look at the driver installation for the adapter and make sure that is OK. Could you please go to the link below with the adapter plugged in and recently paired to the controller (even if currently disconnected) and follow the instructions there:

It will save a zip file with your computer name on your desktop. Please send it directly to our support email:


Plugable Support

I am having the same issue, is there a solution?

Hi Hope,

Thank you for contacting us and for also reaching out by email.

In the original poster’s issue, it ended up with him not being able to get it to work consistently on Windows 7, but it worked well in Windows 10. Window 7 Bluetooth is more primitive than Windows 8 and later, and this could be the reason. It could also just be due to less powerful hardware.

Generally speaking, the disconnection issue you mention seems common with PS4 connection. I think the interface isn’t exactly standard Bluetooth, since the PS 4 controller wasn’t really intended to connect with PCs. I think makers that expect to only connect to a single platform have a tendency to not worry about following standards too closely if they can see an advantage to exceeding them. The standards tend to expect a lowest common denominator device, whereas high-end gaming consoles like the PS4 are much more powerful and the standard might hold back the developers.

Here is a Reddit thread that has some comments and suggestions about this issue:…

I hope this helps.