Projector doesn't sync to UGA-165 in MacOS

Hi folks,

I just picked up a UGA-165 that I’d like to use to connect my Mac (10.6.7) to a projector (An older IBM C400). MacOS properly detects the native resolution of the projector and it shows up in the “Displays” pref pane, but the projector doesn’t detect the presence of a video signal.

No signal is detected whether I’m using DVI or VGA. I tried another C400 projector and even tried a USB2-VGA-165, all failed.

The C400 projector *does* detect and display a signal if I plug it in directly to the Mac. The UGA-165 also works properly if I plug it into an LCD monitor or a different kind of projector (a Panasonic AE-3000), so it looks like there’s a specific issue with this projector detecting a signal from a 165 chip.

Any suggestions? Is there any more information I can give you? Thanks!

Hi Don,

Many thanks for your question!

Can you try lowering the resolution on the USB2-VGA-165 and see if it makes a difference when connecting the projector?

*Just to clarify- is it the UGA-165 you have or the USB2-VGA-165 ? or both?


I have both a UGA-165 and a USB2-VGA-165. Neither one works with this projector.

I’ve tried a number of resolutions on both adapters: from the projector’s native 1024x768 all the way down to 640x480. None work.


Hi Don,

Thanks for your reply. There is no good reason for the UGA-165 not to work. With the USB-VGA-165 however, it’s expected, since it’s not DVI compatible.

We found the manual of the IBM C400 here and it indicates that the VGA port is for output only. It seems that on the IBM C400, you can only use the DVI-I as input.

This doesn’t explain however why the UGA-165 is not working with your IBM C400 - provided you have connected it with DVI.

We’re at a loss here, on why the UGA-165 doesn’t work, and it sounds like -just as you already said- there is a specific incompatibility between the UGA-165 and the C400.

If you send us a e-mail at with your Amazon order ID number, we can set you up with a refund.

Again, sorry you experienced this!