Program Transfered Cannot Be Found!

Can’t find iTunes folder drag and drop Windows 10 Laptop. I’m using Easy Computer Sync to transfer files from my Laptop Windows 7 to my Laptop Windows 10. The Program Folder iTunes doesn’t show up on my Laptop Windows 10 on Drag and Drop. Suggestions Please to help find in windows 10 laptop. Thank you.

Thank you for asking! I’m sorry for the trouble with finding the folders on your new machine, we can help with that. Please contact us directly at and we will guide you through the steps!

Is this some kind of joke? is not available, I have spent hours to access this URL. Please email me the promised procedure. Thank you.

I totally understand how this could be confusing! is not a URL but rather an email address. Please head over to your AOL email account and compose a new email, please enter as the email address to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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