Program Converter will not convert

How do I use the plugable USB serial converter on a win 7 pro laptop with the program under the XP virtual mode? Device mgr in XPM does not see the converter but win7 does. The program will only work in XP. I thought if Win 7 Pro has the XP Virtual Machine, I could have the program reside in XPM, have a short cut to the WIN7Pro desktop, us the pluggable USB Serial Converter on Com1 to the machine I need to make adjustments to. Need help.

Hello Ralph,

I am sorry to hear this. It is imperative that XP mode is setup correctly. If you are not sure about this, here are some instructions on how to set this up ->….

Here is another article on how to select host devices to share with virtual machines in Windows Virtual PC ->….

If you are still at a standstill, make sure you have the newest Prolific driver installed ->… and select the desired COM port as well as the COM port settings.

If there is yet again any improvement, this is most likely a legacy software issue. Legacy software states that it is looking for COM port 1 - 4, but what is really happening is the software is looking for IRQs which are hardcoded ->….

Since the serial adapter creates virtual COM ports, the legacy software is looking for COM port 1/0x3F8, IRQ 4 which is nonexistent in Windows 7. In essence, the legacy software is searching for nothing and cannot connect. I hope this information helps.

Kind regards,
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