Problems with USB/serial adapter

I have a usb/serial adapter. It does not work with any of the devices that I have tried it with, or on any of the computers that I’ve tried it with (Win7/Vista). I load the drivers, then plug the unit in, and the computer recognizes it, but neither the trackball nor the numeric keyboard that I wanted to connect works. Any advice?

Hi Leslie,

Here’s a tutorial on how to setup the USB/Serial in Win 7. Also, at the bottom of the page there’s a link for changing the com port. You’ll need to check the documentation for each device and configure the Serial port setting for each one.

If you want, post the make and model of the device you are connecting and I’ll try to give you more specific instructions.

I hope this helps!

Hi Jerome, This is helpful, thanks. The devices I am trying to connect are a mighty trackball and a micro innovations numeric keypad (this is a PS2 device, which I have an adapter for). I am running win7 64 bit on my main machine, but have access to a 32 bit vista machine and neither device works on either machine. Unfortunately, both devices are quite old, and I don’t have documentation for either of them (if they ever came with it). Neither am I able to find anything online. Thoughts?

Hi again Leslie,

What we’ll need to find are drivers for your specific devices. In looking around, I’ve found just a little mention of the Mighty Trackball or the Micro Innovations numeric keypad, but unfortunately no drivers. Is there any chance you have any software discs that came with either of them? Or, can you give me any more details that might help to find the products online? If we can find and install the drivers (assuming they exist for Win 7), then the next step is to configure the device to use the serial (com) port that the USB/serial cable is installed and configured as.

Let me know if you can find any more details that might help locate these drivers!
Thanks again,

Hey Jerome, I think I’m probably OOL on those drivers. They always just worked with standard mouse drivers (does mouse.exe ring a bell?). Anyway, thanks for the help.

Hi Leslie,

Sorry we didn’t have better luck finding drivers for your older serial devices. If you still have any other devices that we can locate drivers for, we’ll be happy to help with the configuring!

Thanks for your patience,