Problems with the NIX Capture Card

So I have my NIX Capture Card setup and I can see the screen. But there is a line that keeps flickering. I use OBS Studio with the capture cards settings at: 60 FPS 1920X1080 with my video format as: MJPEG. I also cannot hear sound from it.

Thanks for posting! Sorry for the late reply! Usually our forums generate tickets in our ticketing system, but there was a problem for a few days that we didn’t catch.

Usually it is best to use YUY2 rather than MJPEG for optimal quality. The flickering line sounds like a strange issue though that wouldn’t necessarily be related to that.

• What are you capturing over HDMI through the Plugable NIX Capture Card? (A particular game console running a particular game, a PC, etc)

• With regards to the audio issue, could you please double-check the setup of the capture card using our setup guide at under the ‘Get Started’ tab? In particular the section about configuring audio.


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