Problems with Audio from Headphone Jack

I have been using the UD-5900 with my 2011 Macbook Air, with an HDMI and DVI port connected, but when I try to use the audio jack in the front, even with no audio playing, there is a background crackling noise that I hear. If the music is loud, it is hard to hear, but it does not change with volume on the computer, so my guess is it is some interference internally. I have tried with multiple different headphones and have the same result. Furthermore, even when I mute the audio output from the computer, I have the same problem. Hopefully this it’s some setting, but my gut feeling is some hardware interference internally. Also, when I unplug the USB 3.0 cord connecting my computer, the sound remains for a few seconds, then disappears, which would be in line with what I expect with some interference problem. Some help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Other than this, I love the product. Wish it had 2 HDMI ports instead of an HDMI and DVI port, but it’s not a huge deal as I already had a DVI-HDMI adapter.

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry the audio output of your docking station isn’t working properly, and I would be happy to help.

Thank you for much for all the testing you have done and the great detail you have provided, that helps me a lot.

Given your description it sounds like (no pun intended) that the audio output jack is faulty. We will of course send a replacement. If you would please send the following information to with ‘For ticket 145393’ in the subject line so we can match everything up (please do not post this information in the forum):

  1. The Amazon Order ID number for your Plugable purchase
  2. The serial number from the device itself (on the bottom of the unit)
  3. Your preferred shipping address

Once we have the above information we can get the replacement process started. I do apologize for what appears to be a faulty unit and thank you for the chance to make things right.

Thank you!

Plugable Technologies