Problems with audio devices while using docking system.

So I have this problem where my docking systems audio outputs seem to mess up the ones on my laptop. When not connected to the docking system it notices my headset in the devices when i plug it in, but when docked it wont notice them. The sound still plays trough the headset, but the microphone does not and neither are shown in the devices. Is there some way to disable the outputs on my docking station so I can use the laptops own output?

Hi Valtterri,

Thanks for posting your question about sound with your docking station.

You should be able to go to Control Panel, open Sound, then on the Playback tab, right-click on the Speakers icon for your Docking station (the one that says "USB Multimedia Device), and click Disable.

Next, open the Recording tab, right-click the Microphone for your docking station (it says “USB Multimedia Audio Device”), right-click and select Disable.

This will cause your computer to use its own speakers and mike input.

Please let me know if this works for you.