Problem with Plugable 3.0 recognizing screens

I have been using plugable fine for the last 3 months with my laptop and 2 additional screens. I had a major update on my computer this weekend and yesterday the screens worked fine. Today I came in and only one screen would register and show up.

I downloaded the driver from plugable “display link” and now non of the screens will show up. I tested the HDMI cord and plugged one screen directly into my laptop and it worked fine. It seems to be with the plugable program or something.

Please Help.

So now one screen works through a DVI imput and the one with the HDMI won’t work.

Also to note that the keyboard and mouse I have plugged into the docking station work fine as well.

Problem solved. It’s the HDMI port on the screen that no longer works with the Plugable, but does work if I directly plug the HDMI into the computer directly. I had to use a HDMI converter to DVI to get it to work.