Problem with Audio playback device

I’m using DVI to HDMI UGA adapter to connect my notebook (running Windows 7 64bit) to LCD TV, no problem with the video but the USB audio Playback device is not on list when I’m trying to use the TV to play the sounds, as the menu said it should shown on the playback devices list. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks in advance.

Hi – What brand of USB audio device are you using? (Plugable doesn’t sell a USB audio adapter)

Thanks for your quick response! Just noticed I bought a product that looks similar as Plugable……
thanks again for your time.

No problem - products look similar, but aren’t the same as Plugable’s, unfortunately.

Just to steer you in the right direction - the USB graphics and USB audio devices are usually separate chips with separate drivers. Given you’re having a problem specifically with audio, what you’ll want to do is track down drivers/information/support for the USB audio portion of the product, starting from whatever brand of product you’ve got there.

If you have a generic adapter, you can try to track down the specific chip used inside, since they’re the ones who actually do the driver development (The most common USB audio chips are from a company called C-Media).

Good luck and best wishes.