Problem recognizing USB 3.0 external hard drives with Plugable hub

USB3-HUB7-81X, with iMac running 10.8.2:

Seagate external hard drive USB 3.0 is not recognized via the hub (Indicator hub light is on but drive does not show up on computer). Drive is recognized and mounted with no problem via direct connection to iMac.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting! We’ll work to help.

Just to set expectations, there have been special issues with late 2012 Apple Macbook Pro Retina, iMac, and Mac Mini USB 3.0 systems which don’t seem to affect the Mac Air and Macbook Pro (non-Retina) systems. So that’s been a confusing factor. There are some Apple updates available for specific systems, and we expect future Apple updates will improve the situation.

On top of that, all of us hub makers have been upgrading chipset and hub firmware versions to those released after the Macs have come out, and these newer versions try to fix or workaround many of the issues.

So first, let’s figure out what version of firmware you have on our hub.

Can you go to Apple Menu -> “About this Mac” -> “More information” and then click on “USB” and navigate down to the lowest “USB 3.0 Hub”.

You should see a product, vendor, and version like this screenshot:


The version shows what firmware version is on the hub. In the case of the screenshot above, it’s the current latest version 85.71.

Can you let us know if that number is 85.71 (current version) or 85.61 (last version) on your hub?

With that, we’ll be able to figure out next steps. Thanks!