Primary Screen stays black after being away.

Primary screen never returns when comming back from being away from my computer. I know it is waiting for me to login but since it is on my primary display, I cannot login. If i unplug the video cable and plug it back in, the display comes back.

I have Windows 7, 32 bit. NVidia 700m card. I am running a Dell Precision M4400 on a docking station with 2 Dell monitors off the dock. I just added a third Dell monitor running off the UGA-2k-A.

. Only way to get my primary display back is to unplug the cable.

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for posting! Sorry for the frustration.

Can you say what version of DisplayLink driver you have installed (look for “DisplayLink Core Software” in Windows 7’s “Programs and Features” control panel)?

If it’s one of the 6.x series before 6.3 M1, we’d recommend upgrading to the latest, version 6.3 M1. It’s available from DisplayLink here:…

Thanks for letting us know how that goes - we’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks again!