Pre buying assistance - 4 monitor setup with docking station

I currently have a 2 identical setups that I am using at my house and the office (Targus ACP71US2 -docking station powered, 2 external monitors, NIC, USB HDD, and a single USB3 from the computer to docking). I need to purchase a new setup for the new office (moving companies). The new laptop computer has 2 - USB3 and 1 USB2 ports. I would like to connect only one USB to the laptop and hook the rest to the docking station. I will continue to use the home setup as is.

I want to have support for 4 external monitors. What Plugable docking station (UD3900), display adapters (USB 3.0-appropriate for monitor hookup), powered usb hubs, and other do I need?

Is it better to keep the same docking station Targus ACP71US2 instead of Plugable for computer driver compatibility as I will continue to use the Targus at home? And will 2 additional display adapters work with the Targus? If so which ones? (there are free USB3 and USB2 ports on the Targus)