PowerPoint Slide Show on Secondary Display

Would like to run PowerPoint slide show on extended display (TV-HDMI) and continue to work on other applications using primary display. From what I have seen searching the internet, there have been problems in that the slide show stalls when the other apps are used, but will resume if the apps are minimized or exited. There does appear to be a software solution that allows the slideshow to run independently of whatever else is occuring on the primary display, but this is another $100. Does Plugable have a USB to HDMI converter that will allow both displays to run applications independently of one another? I relly need the slide show to continue running while other work is being performed. The slide show is used as an information marquee and our space is limited.

Larry Neblett

Hi Larry!

Thanks for posting and thanks for your question!

In our office we created a small presentation on PowerPoint 2007. Set it to display to the second monitor (connected using a UD-160-A) and started the slide show. Unfortunately as soon as the Window lost focus (by clicking on another application) the presentation stalled until we would click on it again.

The same was not true however for OpenOffice (we tried version 3.3). We were able to create a small presentation and have it running continuously, unaffected by other running applications - not even a video playing on a different monitor on full screen mode seem to have any effect on it. OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office, but depending on the complexity of your presentation you may some times run into small incompatibilities - however it is free.

If this is unacceptable, another workaround may be to install Windows on a Virtual Machine, install Microsoft Office and assign the DisplayLink device to it. You could use VirtualBox which is completely free.

For a TV-HDMI connection we recommend the Plugable USB2-HDMI-165.

Hope this helps !

Please let us know if you need more information or if you would even like us to test something more specific, we’ll do our best to help!


Thanks for the quick response. I will check with the folks on my end and see which way they want to go. I doubt we will go with a VM solution, but OpenOffice might be a possibility.