Powered USB Ports?

I’m thinking of buying the USB Docking Station and was wondering if any of the USB ports are powered and if they will work if my laptop is powered off.

Thanks in advance for you help.

Hi Dan,

The Plugable UD-160-A has no special charging ports - although we think it’s a great feature and would love to add it in the future.

All four of the free ports are “normal” USB ports. That is, when the computer is off but the docking station is still plugged in, the USB ports on the docking station get only enough juice to power a device (like a mouse) to wake the system. Not enough to charge an iPod or similar.

When the computer is back on, everything will charge.

Thanks for your question, though! And we’ll take this as a prompt to look at adding this feature for a future hardware revision.

Best wishes,