Power problem with 10-Port USB 2.0 hub

I have the USB 2.0 10-Port Hub. For the first several months all devices connected worked fine and I was able to charge a small MP3 player as well as my iPhone. Just in the last week the charging capability seems to have stopped. How can I tell for sure that the AC power adapter for the hub is working correctly? In another post on this site it was said that I should see a red LED light when the power adapter is plugged in. I see no such red LED. I only see the blue bar on the top of the device and this only lights when the USB cable is connected to the computer. Plugging in the power adapter by itself does not make the blue bar light up nor does it cause a red LED to light.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, we’ll be happy to help. It looks like you’ve done all the necessary troubleshooting steps to narrow down your problem to a power issue. On the 10 port hub there’s only the blue light and it should stay lit when the hub is only connected to the AC power and not the computer.

Since this is not the case for your hub, please contact us at support@plugable.com with a link to this thread and your Amazon order Id and we’ll get you fixed up.


Plugable Technologies

Just wanted to let other readers know that I followed Jerome’s instructions to contact support and I had a new power supply in my mailbox two days later. My hub is back in business. Awesome service!