Power pass thru with iPad Pro 12.9?

I just received the MD-103 adapter yesterday. I attached it to my 12.9” iPad Pro (3rd generation). I was able to read a USB 3 thumb drive with no problems.

However, when I plugged in a USB C charging cable to the power pass-through port, the battery icon on the iPad briefly changed to green (like it was charging) and then went back to white (no longer charging).

I tried various sequences like plugging the USB C power to the adapter first then plugging in the adapter to the iPad and it did the same thing. I then removed the adapter and plugged straight into the power cable I was using and the iPad remained charging. I tested it with two different power adapters and USB-C cables with the same result. I let the adapter with pass-through power connected to my iPad and the battery percentage went down over a few minutes, so it’s definitely not charging.

Is this adapter supposed to allow power pass through on an iPad Pro 12.9” or did I get a defective one? I am currently running iOS 13.6 on the iPad Pro if that makes any difference.

Thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear of this behavior! We haven’t seen similar behavior with our iPad Pro in our test labs, so I will be curious to learn more.

We’ve notice you also contacted us directly at support@plugable.com and we will limit communication to that thread to keep troubleshooting details in one place. Once more details are found we will update this thread.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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