Potential Driver problem

Hi: I’m thinking of buying the USB Audio Adapter. I’ve got a Dell 7050 mini and have never been able to get the internal sound to work. Tech even came out here and we fiddled endlessly trying to load latest driver but were unable to do so. The ultimately recommended a clean install of W10 – arrrghhhh!! Yes, I could do that but if this $8 device works, that would be way, way easeier.

Headphone jack doesn’t show up in sound output (nor does mic). Bluetooth headset does work, though. So, the question is will your USB adapter work if the W10 driver isn’t there? Is there a workaround?

Thanks – george

Hello George,

Thanks for reaching out to us! I am really sorry to see you are having this trouble with your audio hardware. With respect, I do want to be clear and state that our USB Audio Adapter is not a suitable replacement for a soundcard/audio hardware. This adapter relies on the audio hardware in your computer, and only provides convenient port access via USB. The adapter is ideal for replacing broken audio ports on the computer case, and providing the convenient ease of USB. The adapter however, is not a replacement for internal/built in audio hardware.

The adapter features one 3.5mm TRS port for audio output (to speakers/headphones) and one 3.5mm TRS port for audio/microphone input. I cannot guarantee a fix, but I’d be glad to take a look at a diagnostic of your computer to see if anything stands out. If you’d like, please run our diagnostic at this link: https://plugable.com/support/plugdebug/.

A zipped folder with the results will be placed on your desktop after running the tool. If you’d like to do this, please respond to us directly at: support@plugable.com and use Ticket #273936 as the subject if you’d like to have me take a look.

Thank you,


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