Post Windows 10 update 1809 Ghost display now appears using UD-CA1A Docking Station - SOLUTION PROVIDED

I have a Plugable USB-C Docking Station model UD-CA1A, which for more than a year have never been able to get the video ports to work using either the HDMI or USP-C with my HP ZBook 17 G4 Mobile workstation for more than a year. Basically I have been using this docking station for a few hard drives, and an older USB 2 Hub. Last week I was urged by an HP Commercial / Enterprise Technical Support Rep to update my HP Notebook to the latest Windows 10 update that was released earlier this month (May) to version 1809 to resolve some issues we were working on together.

After Windows was updated, I experienced several issues with the two Samsung displays (T24B350 and T24C550) I was extending my HP Notebook too.

  • Each time I booted up, Windows would appear duplicated to the displays instead of extended. To correct this each time I booted up, I had to select project duplicate, then extend.
  • When dragging windows apps to either of the extended displays, they would not drag properly and when just moving my mouse pointer, it was difficult to control / figure out where it was often display settings I noticed I had a ghost display showing up, which I later determined was a duplicate / ghost of my Samsung T24b350 display…When I disconnected the display, this monitor still showed up.

When I disconnected my Plugable docking station, the ghost display disappeared. I tried lots of things with the HP Tech who specializes in supporting ZBook Notebooks (these are very high end laptops, just saying).

Solution: This Plugable Support Forum titled “WINDOWS 10 MAY 2019 UPDATE WITH DISPLAYLINK DOCKING STATIONS AND VIDEO ADAPTERS” that was posted just two days ago, here is the URL

I simply followed the direction listed, my HP ZBook did not had Displaylink listed in Control Panel and Features, which as stated in the steps, may not appear.

I downloaded and ran the DisplayLink Installation Cleaner program and rebooted without the Plugable Docking Station connected, then plugged it back in. ALL MY PROBLEMS WERE NOW RESOLVED.

  • The ghost display disappeared when the UD-CA1A was connected. I took one of my extended displays that was plugged into the HP Zbook HDMI port and plugged it into the port on the back of the docking station, it worked! This allowed my HP HDMI port to be used for a third extended display, a Vizio 55" HD TV, that worked fine - giving me now up to 4 displays to use.
  • No longer so far, do my desktop icons more around on my HP Notebook or on any of the extended displays.

Thank you Plugable Tech Support for providing a solution to resolve pre and post problems I have had with my docking station that became more server after I applied the most recent Windows 10 major update released earlier this month.

Hello Paddler4x, thanks for posting and I am glad to hear that everything is now working!

One point to clarify is that the UD-CA1A does not require the DisplayLink drivers and relies on technology that the host computer supports from the USB-C port for charging and video output. These technologies rely on several pieces of software/drivers like the Intel graphics driver and USB host controller drivers which can be distributed via Windows Update. Based off of this the issues you experienced may have been a combination of the latest Windows 10 updates and any other driver updates that may have come through as well as resetting the dock when walking through the ‘DisplayLink Cleaner Steps’ in the blog post referenced.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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