Possible Confliction

I Have installed a PLugable USb 3.0 HDMI/VGA/DVi/ Adapter on an Advent Laptop which is running windows 10, the laptop is also running one other external monitor through its VGa socket i purchased this unit to run another monitor on this laptop although at first it seemed to work correctly now however when i turn the laptop on both monitors appear however i have no desktop icons the taskbar is present on both monitors but no icons at all although they are present on the laptop screen… Turning the laptop on and off a couple of times by pressing the power button eventually will resume normal operation… I also find that unpluging the adapter will also bring my icons back onto the screen… i also find that leaving the adapter plugged in and unplugging the other connected monitor via the laptops VGa will also bring the icons back up onto the remaining monitor… I have checked settings but cannot find a solution any help would be appreciated Thanks.

Hello Carmine - Please see my direct response.