Portrait Mode for UD-160-A in Windows?

Can the usb 2.0 docking station UD-160-A under Windows Multipoint display in portrait mode? I want to set up a large number of these in an art clasrrom and require all to be rotated.


Thanks for posting to ask!

Yes, that should be no problem. What you’ll need to do is set each display to portrait (from Windows’ Screen Resolution control panel) while in Windows Multipoint Server’s “Maintenance Mode”. Then when you switch batch to “Standard Mode” each terminal will be in portrait (rotated).

That’s a great usage model.

Let us know if you have any trouble at all - we’ll be happy to help.


Thanks Bernie… I’m setting up a lab with at least dozen terminals, used to look at and draw from scans and photos (minimal processing needs) or to stream a classroom demo (from my document or web cam) to all monitors. Your documentation with Multipoint suggests DC-125 for large labs, but I want an extra USB port for student flash drives and to daisy-chain the devices. By the time I get AC adapters for the DC-125s, it seems to me I will have nearly paid for the UD-160-As. Assuming I step down from the maximum resolution, is there any reason not to use the UD-160-A for this purpose?

Your analysis is right on – for your scenario (wanting to use flash drives and/or daisy chain the USB terminals), you’ll want to choose our high end dock (http://plugable.com/products/ud-160-a/) over the low end (http://plugable.com/products/dc-125/)), because of the power adapter and extra ports.

And it will work just as well, no compromises. Just note that (especially with 12 terminals), you may want to manually set the resolution lower on the UD-160-A, since it’s able to set modes up to 1920x1080, but you’ll actually want to set that down lower (say 900x1440 for your portrait setup) to get good performance with that many terminals.

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