Portrait (flipped) no less in Win 8.1 on Dell Venue Pro 8

I just purchased the Dell Venue 8 Pro and a Pro 8 docking station plus I have a Dell 1911 monitor. The issue I am having with he Windows 8.1 device is that the screen keeps switching to Portrait (flipped) no less when I try to install a new program on the tablet or if any warning shows up. I am currently in 1440x900 landscape and only have the monitor as a viewable device. any thoughts on how to make the changing stop? I did download and install the latest video driver from your site.

Hello Jamie,

I presume you are using the tablet and dock with it set to only display an image on the external monitor leaving the tablet screen disabled? If you change the monitor settings to leave both enabled in extended mode, this issue is no longer present.

We’ve got a FAQ from our product page about this:

Problem: When I set my external display to be duplicated (cloned/mirrored), the setting errors out and will not let me select duplication, my external display is rotated incorrectly and the tablet resolution may be incorrect, or when using the external display only with the tablet display disabled, the screen may randomly rotate when opening full-screen applications.

Solution: Only extended desktop mode is supported at this time. Why? Due to Intel Graphics driver limitations for the Intel BayTrail platform, duplication and external monitor only configurations are not available over any USB DisplayLink graphics adapters like the Pro8 dock. These issues are subject to change with new driver releases and we will update our FAQs accordingly.

Wow I did not see that fact in the sales presentation, must have missed it.