Portable USB hub for Ipad & MIDI???

Hello, I would like to use a standard USB 2.0 hub (non-AC) and use more than one midi keyboards with my iPad. I know I need power. Can I plug the male connection of the USB hub into a back-up battery and then use the four females for the iPad and 3 MIDI keyboards? Is there any danger in doing this? And will they communicate?
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Hi John,

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Unfortunately, we do not have any USB hubs that work with iPad or iOS at this time.

We suggest contacting Apple to see what they suggest for such a setup.

Sorry this was not the answer you were looking for. Hope this helps!

Thank you - Jordan @ Plugable


Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, but I tried out what I described - except without the battery - using a powered USB Hub plugged into the iPad through the camera connection kit. And I could use three MIDI controllers with the hub! The only thing that it would not do is simultaneously charge the iPad. Just thought that you would like to know.

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