Poor Function Key Support on BT-KEY3XL Bluetooth Keyboard

This has already been covered in a post at http://gsfn.us/t/4z2qd, but for some reason that topic is closed after only four months.

-On that post:
-How do I change the function keys to work as f1-f12 instead of volume control, copy controls, etc… without pressing Fn key? There is a lock icon on the f12 key but it doesn’t seem to do anything?

-And the answer:
-Unfortunately, those keys are hard coded to work as a F keys with the function buttons and as the keys your mention without it. The lock key serves to lock the screen on mobile devices.

-This decision was made in the expectation that most users would be connecting the keyboard to an iOS or Android device and would find the F keys less useful, since they only work in Windows with a few exceptions, such as programs that emulate MS-Dos or Windows.

This is a really frustrating issue for me. Other than this issue, I love this keyboard.

In Windows, I use the function key’s all the time to perform actions like closing an active window (ALT+F4). The ability to set whether the function keys work as Function keys or Media keys is a very standard feature. To have your keyboard’s function keys default to being media keys seems to go against the grain of usability standards; it’s an unexpected setup

I understand the reasoning, but why hard code it? I’d venture that anyone purchasing a keyboard expects the Fn Key to access “special” functions, or to at least have a Function Key lock to set their desired use.

In this case, Pluggable has *removed* standard functionality.

If the icon on the F12 key isn’t for the Function Key Lock, what is it?

Hi Peter,

Thank you for posting. We close threads after a month or so because if we don’t people will often post an unrelated support question on an existing thread, which causes various problems. It is much better if each support question has its own thread.

Your points about the function keys are well taken, and we are discussing with the engineers the possibility of making those keys default to the F key function when in Windows mode.

The F12/Lock key locks the screen in Android and iOS mode.

Plugable Support

Hi Peter,

I’m going to close this thread. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know at support@plugable.com. Thanks!