Plugging UD6950H into USB of another UD6950H for 4 external monitors

Can I plug another UD6950H into the original 6950H I am already using? This is an office setup… for redundancy instead of just buying graphics adapters, I would rather just buy another docking station as it can be used in an emergency for a spare. Will it still support the 2 additional monitors now that the host is going into the usb of the other docking station, making the first docking station the host for the second?

I’m not sure how it could work, but it’s an interesting idea for sure. DisplayLink runs on the host system to enable the video frame support over USB to the dock. If you plug a dock into another dock, I don’t see how it would recognize the DisplayLink driver from the host.

Unless you mean plugging two docks into the same laptop, each with their own USB? Like one USB C and one USB A, each going to a separate dock?

My plan was to plug into the other dock, but I did not think of plugging into another usb port on the laptop.

I don’t even know if two docking stations will work on one computer–but it might be fun to try. Just buy it someplace where you can easily return it if it doesn’t.

Another option for you might be an external GPU.

I seen a youtube from pluggable a while back where they had a usb hub and then connected a bunch of graphics adapters. Same concept I am trying so hopefully it works.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for asking and for joining our forums! Yes, you can plug the USB host cable from one of our USB 3.0 based docks into a USB 3.0 port on the USB 3.0 dock you’re already using to add two more monitors to your setup. The maximum number of DisplayLink monitors you can use this way is six monitors, and you can either use our individual USB to HDMI or DisplayPort adapters to add one monitor at a time or you can use a dual display dock to add two displays.


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Oh that’s great to know. If you run more than 2-3 displays, what resolution and Hz can you expect? Will it do 1080 60Hz on all 6 displays over a single USB cable?

Hi Dave,
Each Plugable adapter/dock will still support its full resolution and refresh rate even when multiple adapters/docks are connected to the computer at once. So, six monitors at 1920x1080 at 60Hz or 4K at 60Hz can be possible with the right Plugable devices and a capable computer. Usually we recommend using these devices with USB 3.0 ports so there is enough data bandwidth available because the adapters will be slow to update the screen’s image if there is not enough data bandwidth available for the screen updates to make it to the adapter.


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