Plugging multiple Plugable docks at once on one Macbook?

Hey all!

I’m thinking of buying a second Triple 4K Plugable dock since I have loved it, and want to plug in 3 more monitors so I can run a total of 6 monitors across two Plugable docks in my docking station for my MacBook. Is it possible to plug in multiple Plugable docks into the same computer, or will I run into compatibility issues with DisplayLink?

2021 16 inch M1 Max Macbook pro (running latest MacOS)


Thanks for reaching out! There are a couple of thoughts to be share here, and I will list them below.

  1. We generally advise against two docking stations, as there are features that we would not recommend using two of. Such as the USB-C Power Delivery.
  2. There is a hard limit to the number of displays that a MacBook can support. Could you please let us know if you are also using the built in HDMI port on your MacBook Pro?
  3. Can you please let me know what else you have connected to the UD-ULTC4K?

We appreciate your reaching out to us for assistance, and I look forward to your reply.

Sean //

Hey Sean!

Thanks for the response! I currently have 3 34inch 3440x1440p Ultrawide displays connected to one of the docks. I was thinking of buying 3 more of those Ultrawides to wall mount above the 3 on my desk. I also have a webcam, usb speakers, and ethernet connected to my dock.

I work on very large codebases so I like to have LOTS of windows open across my monitors, so trust me when I say I use the 3 of them and still feel cramped. I would absolutely love if its as simple as buying a second dock and buying 3 more monitors.


Hello Alex,

Thanks for providing those additional details!

Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as buying an additional dock, we would instead recommend something more like the following.

1 x USB4-HUB3A (Includes a USBC-HDMI) →
1 x UGA-4KDP →

For the third monitor option I would then recommend using the built in HDMI port on the MacBook.

This added complexity is so that we can fit all of the possible monitors within the limitations of macOS. Below I will describe the full setup in details.

MBP USB-C Port #1 → UD-ULTC4K (3 monitors connected)
MBP USB-C Port #2 → USB4-HUB3A, connect the 4th monitor by the included USBC-HDMI to the hub) → 1 x UGA-4KDP to connect a 5th monitor (the third DisplayLink monitor).
MBP HDMI port → Connect the 6th monitor.

My apologies for the added complexities, however this would be required for your MacBook Pro. Please note as well that this is the maximum number of possible displays with the MBP M1 Max (2x Alt Mode (UD-ULTC4K + USBC-HDMI), 3x DisplayLink (2x UD-ULTC4K + 1x UGA-4KDP), 1x Native HDMI on the MBP).

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, and if we can be of any additional assistance.

Sean // Plugable Support

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