Plugging in USB_VGA_165 changes primary monitor display resolution

Plugging in the USB cable for my USB-VGA-165 causes the display resolution to change on the primary monitor. Can this be avoided? Here is a little more detail: I have a Thinkpad R61 laptop and I operate it with the lid closed and the display is an external display driven by the VGA connector on the side of the laptop. When I plug in the USB-VGA-165 into the USB port (in order to add a 2nd display) the resolution of the primary/external monitor changes. Not sure why this happens but I would like to prevent it from happening if possible.
Thanks, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for posting your question!

It sounds like the USB-VGA-165 is trying to duplicate your primary/external monitor.
What version of Windows are you running?

On Windows 7, right click on your Desktop and click ‘Screen Resolution’. You should be seeing all 3 displays. Click on the 2nd external monitor and make sure in ‘Multiple displays:’ that it’s set to ‘Extend desktop to this display’ instead of ‘Duplicate’ and see if that solved the problem.

Let us know if this worked!