Pluggable USB2-E1000 and Moto G XT1028 running Android 5.1?


Does the Pluggable USB2-E1000 work with Moto G XT1028 running Android 5.1?


Hi Tony,

Thank you for posting the question here.
Unfortunately we aren’t sure if the USB2-E1000 Ethernet adapter works with the Moto G XT1028 model or not.

For Android device, the compatibility is device dependent, since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver.
If the device driver for the USB2-E1000 (chip set AX88178) has been built-into the Android device *when shipped from the manufacturer*, this adapter can work. Otherwise there isn’t any way to make it work.

We know that the driver for AX88772 has built in the Moto G 2014 model. The AX88772 is a USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet chip set that is used for our USB2-E100 and USB2-OTGE100 adapters. But since the chip set is different, we aren’t sure if the smartphone supports the USB2-E1000 adapter or not - only way to figure it out is actually testing the adapter with the phone.

If you still think it’s worth to try, please feel free to do so. Please remember, this adapter has a full-size Type A connector. You’d need to use an USB 2.0 OTG cable with a micro-B connector.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at via email.

Hope this helps!

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