Pluggable usb-c display not working

I am using the macbook 2017 to dock into 2 screens. The alt-mode hdmi is working fine. The display link hdmi and dvi doesn’t work. Even after using a dvi to vga also, the vga doesn’t work. Is there a fix or is the problem with the docking station ?

After installing the mac display link drivers its working. But the performance is very poor. Even dragging a window is slow. Is there a way to make display link use the discrete graphic card instead of internal graphic card?

Hi Kannan,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help with your docking station!

Thank you as well for the update letting us know installing the DisplayLink drivers helped. In regard to the performance issues you mention, the operating system determines which internal graphics adapter within the laptop is in use, our dock cannot control this behavior (the dock itself is not a graphics adapter). Based on your description, a few quick questions for you…

First, are you using the USB-C cable we included in the box with the dock to connect it to your system? I ask because other cables could potentially cause problems.

Second, is your 2017 MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra 10.13? I ask because macOS 10.13 provides the best performance with DisplayLink-attached monitors.

Third, did you install the latest version of the DisplayLink driver, version 4.1? ->…

Thank you,

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