Pluggable USB 3.0 512e Compatibility


I plan to use the USB 3 dock on windows OS. I’m also not interested in XP compatibility, so I don’t want or require this bridge interfering in any way with the native 512e translation between hard drive’s firmware & OS. I’d simply like compatibility between any > 2TB SATA formatted and the USB 3.0 device (and vice versa).

Also, I would like to use an external >2TB drive for an external backup from WHS 2011. This backup will not work unless the drive is seen by OS backup as a 512e. Most if not all USB docks do not work properly for this use case… So >2TB drives will work for backup on SATA internal, but fail on every USB dock I currently own, because of their translation scheme…

From what I see in the documentation it sounds like the latest firmware operate as I’d expect (no translation) and your dock should work properly in cases I described…

Can you confirm this for me?