Pluggable UGA-2k-a VDI session

Just wondering if others who may use these with VMWare view… our environment uses Linked-Clones. When I connect to View using the horizon client, the Video output on the USB display usually drops out. I can get it back into the VDI session if I unplug and plug back in but this is a regular occurance. I tried to install the pluggable driver into the master VDI image but it causes the image to not work after a recompose. I’ve experienced this with both Win8 and Win10 64bit

We’re not familiar enough with VMware to answer. So hopefully another user from the community here might be able to provide some insight. Thanks in advance for any ideas or answers posted here!

Thanks for replying. The device works after removing and plugging it back in so I’ll continue to use it. Just was wondering if any user may have a workaround. Obviously a small use case for these devices with VMWare View. Thanks!