Pluggable UD6950z External Display Lag on M1

I have a 2020 M1 laptop. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it could only support up to 1 external display natively (i would have never bought it if this was the case). So I had to look for workarounds and I came across the UD6950z which I am using to connect only one 32" LG monitor (model 32QN600-B) Note, the monitor can support up to 75Hz refresh rate and the current resolution is 1920 x 1080. There is a noticeable lag with the mouse. Lots of stuttering, it is basically unusable if you use the monitor for daily work like myself. I have been doing a ton of research, and I suspect that DisplayLink might be causing this issue. What can I do to resolve this issue?

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I can see that you have also reached out to our direct support email address ( with two emails regarding this issue. Our representative Dan has responded to your most recent direct email with a request for additional information.

Moving forward, please only reply to Dan’s direct email (with the information he requested) so that we can keep all communication in one place.

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